Canal Convergence in Scottsdale Arizona 2018.

Designed by CHOI+SHINE Architects, the public arts project ARIZONA! came to fruition by the dedication of Jin Choi, Thomas Shine, Scottsdale Public Art, McLarin Engineering Group, over 200 volunteers from across the country, and Hannon Rigging.

The crochet designed by Jin Choi measured 8' by 600'.  The flexible fiberglass frame designed by Thomas Shine allowed the ARIZONA! to find soft curves while maintaining structure above the canal for its 4 month display.

With modeling and load calculations provided by McLarin Engineering Group, Hannon Rigging and the installers from Scottsdale Public Art set over 120 individual connections to the ARIZONA! from towers 150' from the display. Crane and spanner truss utilized for 1 section.  Majority of installation was done with ropes and boom lifts.

The suspension materials of aircraft cable and dyneema ensured a safe hang of the structure while maintaining the creative integrity of the piece.


 All cabling was pre cut to rough length based on engineered plans.  Engineering plans issued by McLarin were converted into working plans with labeling system by Hannon Rigging under a very tight timetable. 


Creative direction for the installation by CHOI+SHINE.



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