Fashion Week 2019

NYC fashion week 2019 at Pier 36 for CS Global.

A 220' runway impeccably lit by CS Lighing, hightlighted by 64 custom ROE STRIP video tubes.

Design, construction and operation of the bars was a collaborative effort between CS Lighting, Hannon Rigging and Worldstage Inc.  All show rigging, weight calculations and departmental drafting were the responsibility of Hannon Rigging.

The rigging design choice by Hannon Rigging of cantilevered aircraft cable was able to dramatically reduce the amount of truss and motors while keeping the show truss semi-obscured under the video bars.  The Video bars were pre rigged and manufactured at Worldstage Inc in Secaucus NJ with an amazing team from CS Lighting.

A big thanks to Pier Productions and the dedicated stagehands of IATSE Local One for making the magic happen.


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